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Made in Italy

Materials: Lacquered MDF

Colors / Finishes: White, Orange, Pastel yellow, Water green, Pastel pink, Salmon, Blue, Black, Beige.


Cabinet 01: 35.8" L | 17.9" D | 18.8" H w/feet) | 13.3" H (w/block)
Cabinet 02: 35.8" L | 17.9" D | 24.8" H w/feet) | 18.3" H (w/block)
Cabinet 03: 53.5" L | 17.9" D | 24.8" H w/feet) | 18.3" H (w/block)
Cabinet 04: 53.5" L | 17.9" D | 39.3" H w/feet) | 33.8" H (w/block)
Cabinet 05: 35.8" L | 17.9" D | 55.1" H w/feet) | 49.6" H (w/block)

More pieces available in the collection.

Toshi, meaning "city" in Japanese, is a system of mobile containers inspired by mosaic decorations found in certain buildings in Tokyo.The fresh and clean lines emphasize the geometric design engraved on the cabinet doors. Each size of cabinet has its own distinct pattern, making the module unique. The Toshi system is supplemented by three optional smaller containers, either with doors or drawers, which can be positioned on the modules themselves. Continuing the architectural inspiration of the series, the cabinet legs are available in two versions: a single, closed horizontal block, bringing to mind a podium; or a set of four squared, metal legs, like the columns of a portico.

Please allow 8-10 weeks for this product to be created and shipped to your location.

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