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Brick Side Table

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Brick Side Table

Designed by Grégoire de Lafforest

Made in Europe

Brick I : magazine rack/mini-bookshelf in travertine
Brick II : Side table/tidy in Rosso Erika marble
Brick III : Side table/magazine rack in black and silver marble

Dimensions: 16.5" H | 7.5" W | 10" D

Bedside table, magazine rack, mini bookshelf, side table, tidy… Brick is plural. A tribute to the architectural modules, a precious and precise review of bricks and blocks. Three shapes which are apparently the same, yet having each its own functions, thanks to a smart set of lines, stratums and alveolus. A mineral as well as sculptural object/piece of furniture where one will store his digital tablet, mobile phone, remote control, magazine… A functional piece, yet inscribed in everyday life with refinement.

Please allow 8-10 weeks for this product to be created and shipped to your location.

Please contact the showroom for shipping quote.

Brick Side Table

Brick Side Table

Brick Side Table