Sebastian Scherer, NEO/CRAFT

Sebastian Scherer was born in Aachen, Germany, and studied product design at the University of Applied Science in Aachen. He moved to Berlin after graduation and worked an interior designer. In 2010 his X-Chair won the Special Award of the International Promosedia Design Awward. At the same time, he founded his own design studio and developed his aluminum series, which attracted international attention. In 2012 his Aluminum Table was nominated for the Designpreis de Bundesrepublik Deutschland.

Schemer has now launched a new brand, NEO/CRAFT. The original ideas in the brand’s design process always launch an extensive journey of discovery. While searching for the best materials and the perfect production processes, NEO/CRAFT constantly considers the enjoyment and pleasure that a table, lamp or everyday object should evoke – each day of the year, and for decades to come. A certain material may trigger an initial design idea. But choosing the right material also lends products a unique tactile nature, ensuring that their quality endures over the years and that they never lose their inherent beauty. Innovative production processes, meanwhile, open up exciting and surprising new opportunities. NEO/CRAFT develops products from top-grade raw materials, which are processed in highly innovative ways. Their form is often deceptively simple – after all, it’s the details that make every object unique.


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