Overgaard & Dyrman

Overgaard & Dyrman is a Danish furniture maker established in 2013 by the two designers and craftsmen Jasper Overgaard and Christian Dyrman.
With a strong passion for traditional craftsmanship and refined details, Overgaard & Dyrman is a contemporary design brand and furniture maker located in Denmark. By merging traditional craft techniques with modern technology, Overgaard & Dyrman’s approach to design, bridges the past with the present.
“We celebrate traditional craftsmanship and embrace modern technology by bringing the two together in our way of designing and manufacturing. We love furniture with a handmade finish and merged with the use of modern machinery, it gives us the opportunity to preserve the fantastic craft skills that are still among us, and to combine these with complex forms and modern manufacturing methods.”

The creative office and development workshop of Overgaard & Dyrman is located in Roskilde just outside Copenhagen and is led by Creative Director Jasper Overgaard.
The manufacturing facilities and main workshop are located in northern Jutland at the other end of Denmark and are led by Research & Development Director Christian Dyrman.


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