Dax Savage

Dax Savage is a Los Angeles based artist, designer, and craftsman.

Having grown up in a culture where it was commonplace to have deer, elk, and moose antlers around, his fascination with them can be traced back to his early childhood days. Antlers were always a source of artistic inspiration for Dax and they have been the most reoccurring theme in his work.

Recently, his career organically shifted, veering into the world of interior design spearheaded by a skill he learned from his mother while on a journey back home to rural Idaho… Antler-Basket Weaving.

Dax believes antlers are masculine symbols of power and strength. “They are weapons,” he says “and baskets, feminine symbols by nature, are vessels. Two important objects, each with it’s own separate job to do.” “Through the art of weaving, I am essentially fusing these primal opposing symbols together giving them one harmoniously shared purpose.”

By combining this ancient skill with his well-developed design aesthetic, Savages’ new work gives a modern twist to a primitive yet highly functional object for the home.


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